Starke Stücke 2012 - No man is an Island

Theater Alte MühleTheater

Erik Kaiel, Den Haag (NL)
Alter: 8+
Dauer:   ca. 15 Min. (anschl. Workshop)

Tanz: Erik Kaiel, Jasper Dzuki Jelen
Choreographie: Erik Kaiel

A body lies on the ground. Another stands on its outstretched hand. He begins to explore the geography of the body beneath him. He pushes, pulls, and twists it into strange shapes. While doing this, he never touches the ground. When this origami of the body reaches the breaking point, the passive body comes to life. Rising unstoppably, the other body climbs upwards until it can go no higher. Suddenly, we dive into a duet in which both bodies are active. Twisting, turning, and burning with intensity, yet the challenge remains - one body still never touches the ground. Suddenly, without warning, that body collapses to the floor, and the other body now begins a slow duet, encircling but never touching the collapsed body. - Archeopteryx 8 engages in architecture of the flesh. Its unique blend of the simple and the profound has amazed and challenged audiences worldwide.

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